Sofa covers Kivik

Do you want to order a new sofa cover for you Kivik sofa from IKEA? This model has a number of beautiful and especially large sofas in which you can lounge with many people. But what if the current cover becomes less and less beautiful or if it has nasty stains? Then it's time for a new sofa cover! With the Norsemaison sofa covers you benefit from many great advantages:

  • The sofa covers are handmade in our studio;
  • Each sofa cover is made of polyester and therefore washable;
  • Choose from trendy materials and dozens of colors;
  • Benefit from free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium.

A new cover = a new living room

A new sofa cover for your IKEA sofa is a good investment for several reasons. This way you can give your sofa a fresh and clean look again. You also keep the sofa clean, because the sofa covers are washable. You can also choose from many beautiful colors; this is how you give your sofa a real designer look. A unique color creates a new atmosphere: your living room looks like new again. The space is going through a little makeover! Choose the sofa cover model that matches your IKEA sofa; you will then receive custom sofa covers. This way you order the right sofa cover and put it on easily Kivik Bank.

Test at home first, then order

Make it extra easy for yourself and order free samples first. This way you can view colors and fabrics in real life before ordering them online. You can order a maximum of four samples. You can make your decision based on the samples. Have you placed an order? Pay for the bank covers in one go or use another option. You can also pay in three installments. In addition, take advantage of free shipping from you IKEA covers and enjoy your new addition!

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