Slipcovers for Kivik

Here you can find the slipcovers for a Kivik sofa from IKEA. If you have an IKEA sofa you can enjoy it for years. However, it can happen over time that the cover starts to become less beautiful. You can also experience annoying stains that do not go out so easily anymore. Then you can opt for a new sofa, but a new sofa cover is a smarter option. You pay much less for this than for a new sofa, and yet your IKEA sofa looks like new afterwards. Have a sofa cover made to measure for your Kivik sofa!

Which Kivik slipcover do you need?

Take a good look at the sofa cover model and order a custom cover. Whether you have a Kivik 2-seat, a 3-seat or a 3-seat with a chaise: everything is possible. At Norsemaison, the cover is made by hand based on your wishes. Choose from various trendy fabrics such as corduroy or velvet. Also discover the many color options: various shades of blue, green and red, but also unique shades such as sand, olive or caramel are available. The sofa covers for your IKEA sofa are top quality, made of  polyester and therefore washable.

IKEA sofa covers from Norsemaison: the benefits

Are you looking for a slipcover made for your IKEA sofa? With the choice of a slipcover from Norsemaison you will enjoy many great benefits. This way your sofa will look like new again and you can also create a completely new atmosphere in your home. What are the other benefits?

You choose a sofa cover to your taste, it is handmade in our workshop;

  • The slipcovers are washable;
  • Take advantage of free shipping;
  • Pay in one go or in three installments;
  • Request free samples for color and fabric testing.
  • Machine Washable
  • Pay in three installments
  • Free Shipping
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