Sofa covers Klippan

Are you looking for a new sofa cover for your Klippan sofa from IKEA? At Norsemaison you can find the most beautiful sofa covers in many different colors and fabrics. How about a dark green velvet sofa cover or a red ribbed sofa cover? You have numerous options for giving your own IKEA sofa a new and fresh look. Maybe your current bank needs to be replaced or you want a new bank: you don't always have to buy a new bank immediately. A Norsemaison sofa cover will make your sofa look like new again.

The model of the sofa cover: Klippan

Norsemaison's sofa covers are available in different models. Do you have the Klippan sofa from IKEA? Then you can order a nice sofa cover here. Think of trendy fabrics and beautiful colors. The big advantage of these covers is that they are made of polyester; they are therefore washable. So once in a while you can take the covers off the couch and wash them with fabric softener. This way, the sofa covers are nice and fresh again and they also smell delicious. Before ordering, take a good look at the model of the sofa cover so that you choose a tailor-made sofa cover.

Choose free shipping of your sofa covers

The sofa covers for your Klippan sofa are washable, trendy and available in all your favorite colors. What else do you benefit from? Each sofa cover is made by hand in our own workshop. In addition, before ordering a cover, you can order samples first. This allows you to view the colors and the fabric in real life and determine what suits your living room best. You also benefit from free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium. Would you rather not pay in one go? Then pay the cover in a maximum of three installments. This way you make it financially more attractive for yourself.

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