Sofa covers Soderhamn

Looking for a sofa cover for your Soderhamn sofa from IKEA? At Norsemaison you will find sofa covers for all kinds of models: the 1-seater, 3-seater but also for a corner element of your sofa. With a good custom sofa cover, your sofa will look like new again. Pay your bank covers in one go or in three installments: you decide. Choose from beautiful colors such as olive, espresso, blue and gray, but also discover the trendy fabrics. Do you want an IKEA sofa with a classic sofa fabric or are you going for the trendy velvet? You have plenty of options to create a fresh look in your living room.

Choose the right model of the sofa cover

A new sofa cover can change a lot in your living room. This way, you get a new sofa, as it were: do you choose a new color or do you buy a cover in the color you have now? Discover the many possibilities with sofa covers for your Soderhamn sofa from IKEA. Each sofa cover is handcrafted with care in our studio by specialized seamstresses. Each cover consists of 100% polyester, making it always washable in the washing machine. Once in a while you can make your sofa smell nice and fresh again with fabric softener. Do you want a custom sofa cover? Then pay close attention to the model of the sofa cover.

Choose the best covers for your Soderhamn sofa from IKEA

What else do you benefit from at Norsemaison? Have free samples delivered with up to four combinations of colors and fabrics. This way you can see what it looks like in real life and you are guaranteed to make the right decision. Then you order your sofa covers online and enjoy free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium. The cover for your IKEA sofa is 100% polyester, washable, handmade and shipped for free. What else do you want?

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