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Interior is our passion. And just like with any passion, we like to work on it. A new vase, another coffee table, a different rug. Interior is a constant process in which you can use all your creativity. The search for new furniture often starts at IKEA. Who doesn't love IKEA ?! High-quality furniture with a unique design at a competitive price. At IKEA it is not difficult to find a good sofa where you can curl up in all evening. Most IKEA sofa covers are machine washable, which is ideal with children or pets. Even if the covers do not become clean after some time, are worn out or if you are tired of the color, it is of course nice to buy new covers instead of a completely new sofa.

But if interior is your passion, you often develop your own, unique style. Unfortunately, the range of IKEA furniture covers is very limited. That's how we came up with the idea to make unique covers. After a long search, we found a suitable partner in an authentic workshop that has been producing furniture covers for years. Together we have selected a selection of unique fabrics and adopted the exact measurements of the IKEA covers. After a long period of development, we have since been able to delight many people with a unique cover in their own style for the most important furniture in the living room: the sofa. From now on it is therefore possible to even change the interior and the sofa cover every season. For example, you can opt for a lighter sofa cover in the summer and a warmer color such as dark green, anthracite or old pink in the fall or winter.

Because the bank can participate in another round, we prevent waste. In addition, we tailor every order so that we avoid as much waste as possible.

Your home, your style.

ikea sofa coverikea sofa cover
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